Hey there, I am Adrien (aka Ultra Chamois) and I am addicted to running! Well trail-running to be more precise 😉 Not such a big fan of road running!

I started running at the end of the summer 2013 because I wanted to lose weight. The London life (restaurants, pubs, clubs…) had left me a bit overweight, so I decided I should do something about it and started running.

It was all fine until one evening in December when I thought it would be a good idea to run a marathon, so I signed up for Manchester marathon 2014 (yes I know, it wasn’t really clever!). From then onwards, I started to take running more seriously and tried to have a more structured training. I had a goal to run Manchester marathon in under 4 hours. The race obviously didn’t go to plan – as I had no clue of what I was doing – hence I missed my targeted time by 10 minutes. I am quite stubborn so I signed up for another marathon the week after… And it really went all downhill from there! The marathon distance quickly failed to fulfil my needs, and I then moved into ultra marathons. I ran my first ultra in 2015, a 100k race in the UK (Race to the Stones) I have since then run quite a few of them (UTMB; Tarawera Ultra Marathon; Centurion SDW100; TransGranCanaria 125k;…) and also got into mountain running.

To me running is not just a way to exercise, it’s a way of life! What I love the most about running is that it gives me the freedom to explore and discover new places within my own means. The communion and deep connection between your mind and your body running creates is simply the best…

Where my mind wants to go my body will take me 🙂 When I reach the top of a mountains, I usually close my eyes, take in the deep joy and happiness flowing through my body, then open them again and get blown away by the magnificence of the surrounding nature.

I also love that running challenges me physically but also mentally. When running for hours, you cannot hide from yourself. Whatever goes through my mind, I am going to have to face it! My mind takes me to the darkest place within myself, therefore I have to learn to deal with that side of me – which I think as made me a better person.

Meeting and sharing the trails with like-minded people is something I really enjoy as well so if you are around Banff, get in touch!